Architectural and construction forum “Kazanysh”

From December 1 to December 3, the II Kazanysh architectural and construction forum was held in Kazan. The name speaks for itself – “City for Youth”. A rich program of lectures and discussions made it possible to touch upon many issues: from the problems faced by young architects to the search for methods to improve the comfort and attractiveness of the city for young people.

Particular attention was paid to the discussion of such topics as: “where to start for a young architect”, “housing for young people”, “the evolution of school space”, “the state of urban planning today”. There were also personal presentations of well-known architectural and construction bureaus.

The event, organized by the Institute for Urban Development, was attended by experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and other Russian cities. The speakers were Anton Bondarenko – chief architect and partner of the Arekh Design Bureau, Petr Kudryavtsev – founder of Citymakers, Alexander Tsimailo and Nikolai Lyashenko – architects and founders of the Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners architectural bureau, Ruben Arakelyan – co-founder and head of the Wall architectural bureau and many others.

Angelina Korshunova, architect of Spetsstroyservis, called the past event one of the main events of 2022. in the construction industry.

“The variety and informative content of the lectures made me want to get acquainted immediately: dialogues, round tables, an impressive list of speakers. Of particular interest were the presentations of implemented projects, with a detailed description of the path from idea to implementation. We discussed strategies for further development. Such areas as architecture for youth come to the fore: hostels, campuses; renovation of Soviet architecture, in particular former industrial buildings: transformation of premises into offices, cultural spaces, housing, for example – residential complex “Park Mayak” in Kazan; the concept of “city within a city” construction, which involves focusing work, home and leisure within walking distance. The speeches of the developers dedicated to the intricacies of the interaction between the architect and the customer became important,” added Korshunova.

The forum ended with a discussion about the features of interaction with creative youth, as well as a discussion of trends in the architecture and construction industry. In addition, the results of the All-Russian Youth Brick Competition were summed up, the winners and prize-winners of the Competition for the best architectural and urban planning object in Kazan were awarded.


Architectural breakfast

On February 28, an architectural breakfast was held in Kazan with the chief architect of the city. Among the invitations were students, architects, representatives of architectural bureaus. The meeting began with a tour of the renovated building of the City Development Institute. Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina, chief architect of the city of Kazan, announced the upcoming Dialogues. […]


Dialogues. Spring meetings

On April 13-14, a landmark event took place in Kazan on the territory of the Kremlin Presences – the architectural and urban planning conference “Dialogues. Spring meetings. The key topic of the meeting is “The transport system as part of the urban development process.” The official opening began with a welcoming speech by Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina, […]