Architectural breakfast

On February 28, an architectural breakfast was held in Kazan with the chief architect of the city.

Among the invitations were students, architects, representatives of architectural bureaus.

The meeting began with a tour of the renovated building of the City Development Institute. Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina, chief architect of the city of Kazan, announced the upcoming Dialogues. Spring Meetings”, the theme of which will be “The transport system as part of the urban development process.”

Many students are concerned about the first steps in the profession. Students need help getting started. According to Ilsiyar Miskhatovna, creative ideas, a non-trivial view of things attract competent leaders. In addition, master classes at the spring Dialogues provide an opportunity to learn from the experience of the best architectural firms.

During the event, attention was paid to the discussion of the following topics:

  • How to give a modern look to an object and at the same time preserve historical proportions;
  • Light concept of Kazan. light pollution;
  • Lack of space and spaces for creating art; – Housing that meets the needs of young people.

The meeting was attended by the architect Spetsstroyservis Angelina Korshunova.

“We discussed the correct interaction between the developer and the architect with the customer; got acquainted with the theme of the spring Dialogues, the essence of which is the arrangement of the city for comfortable interaction between pedestrians, motorists and cyclists; did not bypass the promotion of digital technologies in the field of design. The Institute presented the development of a methodological manual, which will include the general principles for designing objects: general education, industrial, residential,” Korshunova said.

At the end of the breakfast, students exchanged contacts with representatives of architectural bureaus for further cooperation.


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